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    So here we are, finally in 2012. It's an exciting year for me as all being well, the new Cape Wrath Trail guide will be published by Cicerone later this year.

    The author taking a break beyond Sandwood Bay

    Much of the basic text is written and I'm now well into the laborious process of checking and re-checking the route description and updating information about accommodation and amenities en route.

    Most of the route sections have been walked multiple times which has allowed me to develop a route that really works on the ground. Much of it is familiar, but it became evident that certain sections perhaps hadn't been explored as fully as possible by previous guides. Also, things have changed substantially on the ground in places. For example, there is now a nice riverside path along Strathcarron, almost all of the way to Coulags where previously the road was the main option.

    The route has been improved in numerous other places and I'm really excited about the finished product. Many of the starting and finishing points have also been rationalised. It's still very difficult to break the walk down into days as people have such different paces and abilities, but the new structure makes a lot more sense and allows the ability to break up longer legs into multiple days.

    One of the problems with writing a printed guidebook, is that with publishing lead times, it can be out of date in some respects as soon as it's printed. That's why I've developed this website to support the book.

    You can use the site to post pictures and experiences from the trail as well as suggesting route alternatives. The Cape Wrath Trail is fairly unique in the fact that there are so many potential variations and this is an aspect that can be better explored via a website than in the book.

    My hope is that this site will work hand in hand with the new guide book and over time will grow into a valuable resource for those walking the trail - make it your own.

    But for now, it's back to the manuscript.

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