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    Roll of honour

Completing the Cape Wrath Trail is the achievement of a lifetime. If you've made it to the lighthouse, why not add yourself to our roll of honour and tell us about your most memorable moment?

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  • Michael Youmans’s photo

    Michael Youmans

    Favourite moment

    Spending my Birthday in Glendu bothy with 6 Dutch, 1 Welsh, 1 German, and 2 English.
  • Steve Taylor and Steve Hardman’s photo

    Steve Taylor and Steve Hardman

    Favourite moment

    It was all fantastic and hard to pick a favourite moment, but the remoteness of Maol Bhuidhe, Sand Wood bay with clear blue skys and finally arriving at Cape wrath

  • Dawn & Pete with Paddy’s photo

    Dawn & Pete with Paddy

    Favourite moment

    Having it all ourselves
  • Gary Dickson’s photo

    Gary Dickson

    Favourite moment

    So many to choose from. The view of sunny snow capped hills from the summit of A' Mhaighdean? The nights camped in the dunes at Sandwood? All of it?

  • Adam, Agata, Catriona, Elsbeth & Julia’s photo

    Adam, Agata, Catriona, Elsbeth & Julia

    Favourite moment

    Incredible views -particularly on the days between Loch Alish and Loch Stack- and a wild finish at the Cape with gale force winds and great company of fellow CWTers.
  • Billy Turner’s photo

    Billy Turner

    Favourite moment

    Wild camping and waking up at the top of Glen Oykel, in the shadow of Conival and Ben More assynt.
  • Marie Hanusova & Frantisek Hartman’s photo

    Marie Hanusova & Frantisek Hartman

    Favourite moment

    One sunny day without rain, evening at fireplace in Bearnais bothy, getting engaged at the lighthouse.
  • David Leadbetter’s photo

    David Leadbetter

    Favourite moment

    Coming into Sheneval & Strath Na Sealgam magnificent view . Scary night at Sandwood Bay watching huge offshore lightening storm.

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