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    Roll of honour

Completing the Cape Wrath Trail is the achievement of a lifetime. If you've made it to the lighthouse, why not add yourself to our roll of honour and tell us about your most memorable moment?

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  • Roland Perko’s photo

    Roland Perko

    Favourite moment

    The scenary before and at Loch an Nid.

  • Mathias Pabst’s photo

    Mathias Pabst

    Favourite moment

    Liv: Finally seeing the lighthouse after 16 days of walking.
    Mathias: Seeing male red deer grazing close to us.

  • Marc Gasteier’s photo

    Marc Gasteier

    Favourite moment

    A fantastic look along the coast at Cape Wrath

  • Yann Bauvent’s photo

    Yann Bauvent

    Favourite moment

    Sleeping on top the Glomach Falls under a perfect blue sky

  • Stuart Pinchin’s photo

    Stuart Pinchin

    Favourite moment

    A perfect starry night camping on the Bealach Ban. And getting to the cape hours before the NATO bombing exercise!

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  • Justus & Moritz’s photo

    Justus & Moritz

    Favourite moment

    jumping in the Atlantic at sandwoodbay

  • Anthony Gerald Bishop’s photo

    Anthony Gerald Bishop

    Favourite moment

    Having lunch at Lochan Fada then moving on to spend the night wild camping at Loch An Nid and holding onto the tent whilst the storm blew in!

  • Quentin’s photo


    Favourite moment

    Arriving at Riconnich to see Paul had a pint waiting for me.

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Watercolour of Sourlies Bothy, Knoydart by Anthony Harper Return to website